I wondered why I was the one who waited for the server to make an order or request something while at a restaurant in the United States. I wanted quick and convenient method while having a meal.


This app helps customers to call server when they need to and order foods & drinks by using the phone. The customers don’t need to ask server to make order. They can also split bills by app.


Market research
UX research
Brand design
Product design


Apple iPhone
Apple iPad

Business goals

Partner with local business
Sell our services for a monthly subscription
Help restaurants track order & drink popularity through analytics.

Product goals

Order food & drink via smart phones
Push a button to call the server
Easily split the bill for large groups
Easily leave reviews


Target audience

Cavin Customer

“ While I’m in a restaurant I don’t want to wait for the server to come to me. I hope I can split bill reasonably, too.”


  • 30~40 age
  • Live in a urban city
  • Love dining out with friends
  • Considers himself a foodie
  • Dines out more than 3 times a week
  • Doesn’t like to wait

Learnig goals


Why do I need to wait for server to take order or ask for the check? I want quick process.


I’m afraid of getting COVID these days. I just want to eat by myself without any contacts.


I hope there’s a way to split checks conveniently like when I ride Uber with my friend. Also I want to know when my food will be ready.

Research begins







Before sitting on the table, I always spray sanitizer toward table and chairs. I also wipe out the surface with tissue
QR code is easy to use with my smartphone just by scanning it. It is fast way to see information that interests me
If food or a server doesn’t come after 15~20 minutes, I call out to get attention so that I can order food or get check
I like to see reviews before coming into a restaurant so that I can acknowledge how clean it is and how many people are inside

Survey responses

Q. How often do you go to a restaurant to eat inside after the COVID?

Q. What is the maximum time you can wait servers to come before calling out?

Research synthesis and patterns

Learnings and findings

Assumption 01

The main concerns that customers have regarding restaurant are service, price, food quality, and cleanliness.

Customers behaviors toward restaurant have changed since the COVID outbreak. Their main concerns are hygiene, less contact, and convenient order process.

Assumption 02

QR code is not a popular thing for people because it’s everywhere and a person must scan the code to get access.

Many people think QR code makes it easy to get info just from scanning. They are willing to scan the QR code if it’s featured on a place where they are interested to visit.



Melisa visits restaurant with her kids to have delicious meal. She sees the QR code at the front and scan it to order menus before sitting at the table. She presses buttons on the phone to call our servers to get what she needs.


Mike is having a meal with friends at the restaurant. He checks out the process time of food through the app. As he finished his meal, he opens the app to split the money so that a person can pay for what his or her eat.

Problem statement

I am Cavin Customer.

I would like to order my meal and pay check quickly. However, I can’t because I have to wait for servers to come.

Only if I had a way to call servers without shouting or searching for them.

The solution

The app will help Cavin to order his own meal just by pressing a button on a phone.

He can call the server whenever he wants by using this app to get meal fast without waiting for the server to check on him.


SWOT analysis


User testing


User Testing



Send invitation to link the account with my friends so that we can manage our payment
I need to get approval from friend to connect to have proper meal together

Revised elements

Other than signing in and creating an account, a button that can invite other users are needed.

Using an existing footer for the app, home button, TAPPEE button, and invitation buttons will appear to make more consistent feature.

Close Server button seems useless since the designated server is assigned to me already
Just by pressing tab, my table server can acknowledge that I need help or something other than food

Revised elements

The servers are mostly assigned to specific tables and customers that visit a restaurant. It is like a rule to call assigned server for what the customer needs.

The CLOSEST SERVER button is removed for convenience of customers so that thay can just click TAPPEE button to call an assigned server for the table.

I would like to have choices to dine in or to go
I would like to know my history of ordered menus and process
It would be great to see the hidden menu or the chef special

Revised elements

Other than practical menu, people sometimes want special menu that a restaurant can provide. The choices to dine in and to go are needed.

Today special and chef special menus are added on the app for more various choices on the menu.

The choices to choose whether to dine in or to go section are also applied on the app.

Need another section for splitting tips by 15%, 20%, and custom
Able to split money by number of people instead of ordered meal

Revised elements

The main concerns that customers have regarding restaurant are service, price, food quality, and cleanliness.

Customers behaviors toward restaurant have changed since the COVID outbreak. Their main concerns are hygiene, less contact, and convenient order process.

Brand identity

Identity Idea Sketches

App visual design

Calling bell

The portable bell can be connected with app so that users can call the server just by pressing the button on the bell. It also features how long the ordered food or drinks will take to be served on a table.

Final thoughts

Sometimes I wondered why should I wait for the server to take care of my service. I wanted to call out the server for my request. Splitting payment can be also another convenient element for users when they don’t have to calculate the bill. While researching and creating design for the project, I learned that customers wanted quick and easy way to pay and get service.

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