The project was started to understand the people with acrophobia that I never experienced the fear of height.


Over the Top is an interactive app that helps people with fear of heights. The app provides solutions to distract and overcome their acrophobia.


Market research
Brand design
UX&UI design
Advertisement design




Acrophobia causes significant anxiety and panic.

People with acrophobia often see little improvement because it’s difficult to find information that can help.

There are more people who are generally (non-clinically) afraid of heights than people with acrophobia.

Physical symptoms

- sweating, chest pain, and increased heartbeat at the sight of high places
- feeling sick when seeing or thinking about heights
- shaking and trembling when faced with heights

Psychological symptoms

- experiencing panic when seeing high places or thinking about having to go up to a high place
- experiencing extreme anxiety and fear when you have to climb stairs, look out a window, or drive along an overpass

Common treatment

- psychotherapy, medication, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), visualization, relaxation


White Swan Foundation

It limits the life and activities of a person, who may try to avoid situationssuch as visiting people who live on high floors of buildings, taking up ajob at an office that is on a high floor, air travel, to name a few.

ZeroPhobia App

An evidence-based treatment that helps people to conquer their fear of heights.

Business goal

To gather more acrophobia sufferers in order to provide better treatments and experiences and promote further use of the app.


Acrophobics often see little improvement because it’s difficult for them to find information that can help. Most treatment relies on medication and methods of self-relaxation to avoid fear.

Product goal

To visualize and provide the best treatment to those with fear of heights so that they can travel with peace of mind and without anxiety.


Target audience

Frank Fear

“ While I’m at a high ground I don’t want to get scared anymore. I hope I can get over this fear soon.”


  • 30~40 age
  • Live in a urban city
  • Love participating activities
  • Eager to face difficult challenge
  • Goes out to see scenery 5 times a day

User survey


Before I go, I want to know if my destination is at altitude or has views which will increase my anxiety
Distractions would help me deal with my fear
Why doesn’t visual therapy work well?
Treatment for phobias should be gradual, not sudden or quick

Assumption 01

Acrophobics want to overcome fear as quickly and effectively as possible

Assumption 02

Acrophobics have difficulty with activities in high places

Learning 01

They don't want fast treatment. They want gradual treatment that integrates with their daily life

Learning 02

They love participating in activities like hiking, walking, and playing games

Assumption 03

The trauma from high ground makes hard to participate the treatment

Assumption 04

People with acrophobia think VR can help them to fight against their fear

Learning 03

People with acrophobia are eager to face the trauma to gain the strong mind

Learning 04

They are interested in VR device but not aware of treating method



Shows places conducive to acrophobia
Presents ways for users to control acrophobia
Shows the altitude of the user’s current location
Directs the user to comfort zones to distract from their fear

VR device

Works with smartphone app to reduce acrophobia

Provides various level of therapy, beginner to advanced, that will helpusers overcome the fear step by step through VR

Ambient &
outdoor ads

Located in places conducive to acrophobia: elevators, cliffs, high elevations Promote the brand to get users to participate in and engage with the site and the app


Scenario map 01

Lisa is preparing for bike ride with friends in the afternoon. She sets up destination using navigation on her phone and activates sound therapy that changes music style based on altitute.

Scenario map 02

Steve is treating himself to overcome acrophobia gradually using the image therapy and VR therapy from the app. He choses levels from easy to hard so that he can get used the high grounds.

Wireframes for app

Brand identity

Identity Idea Sketches

C:5 / M:82 / Y:100 / K:1,  R:226 / G:84 / B:37,  #E25425
C:100 / M:75 / Y:0 / K:0,  R:0 / G:84 / B:166,  #0054A6
C:0 / M:0 / Y:0 / K:80,  R:88 / G:89 / B:91,  #58595B
The minimum clear space of the logo
is the height of the T

App design

Wireframes for web

Web design

VR experience

People with acrophobia can easily connect their smartphones to VR device. Through challenging various levels of height, they can gradually overcome the fear.

Final thoughts

When I was looking for phobias that are widespread. I ran into one of my friends who was afraid of heights. Since I had no problem with heights. I wanted to understand how my friend first became acrophobia. In my research, I discovered that acrophobia emerges in childhood. My work on the "Over the Top" project expanded my perspective on other people who had phobias that I would never otherwise have understood.

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