Space Overlords

Console Sci-fi game that features the battle between characters and space ships. The players can use skills to attack various opponents gaining game money and experience for level up.

Sci-fi game 6 screens

Sci-fi game UI style guide

Sci-fi game UI style guide & 6 screens

Shake it Up

Console rhythm game that features the music with dancing moves.The players are able to choose from beginner to expert. Various style of musics is provided to score the perfect move to gain points.

Rhythm game UI style guide

Rhythm game list boxes

Viking Storm

Mobile adventure game that features the ancient viking era. The players gains items and levels as the character fights along the way. Players can choose story mode or town mode to play.

Adventure game UI style guide

Adventure game UI style guide & 12 screens

Card Duel

Mobile card game that features glass looks and feels instead of solid feature. The players can win fairly or use skills to win against opponent.

Card game UI style guide

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