Live Band Ssaeng provides joyful entertainment by playing three musical instruments: guitar, drums, and keyboard. The product helps customers experience the instruments with easy access while singing at the same time.


Promote the brand by posting stories and movie clips on the website and social media. Advertise the brand by displaying posters, banners, and movies around the store premises.


Market research
Web management
UX&UI design
Promotion graphic design


After Effects

Online promo


  • My role : Managing website
  • Worked on designing hero image for update and event regarding the store.
  • Updated images and news by posting on webpage.

Blog and Facebook

  • My role : Managing blog site
  • Worked on writing stories that relates with music events and seasonal events.
  • Check the number of visitors and analyze the keyword that bring more views.

Movie promo

Display inside the store

  • The movie and animation are displayed on the screens that are attached to each instruments and LED TV at the entrance of the store.

UI design

  • My role : Suggestion for new UI design and concept
  • Gathered the datas from customers survey to refine the UI design.
  • Focused on more fun and active design feature with vibrant animation.

Old UI design

New UI design

Guitar UI

  • Changed to more vibrant and saturated color.
  • Added more effects to provide vitality.

Keyboard UI

  • Changed to bright color with clear tone.
  • Added note on the bars to read clearly.

Drum UI

  • Changed the background color to dark mode.
  • Added more effects in 3D feature and sound.
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