Gee Shop provides organic Pu'er Tea that is healthy and refreshing drinking tea in various ways. The related tea sets are also available to purchase from the website.


Promote the brand by updating new images on the website and social media. Advertise the brand  featuring posters, flyers and instruction manuals.


Market research
Web management
Graphic design



Online management


  • My role : Managing website
  • Worked on designing hero image for update and event regarding the products.
  • Updated images and news by posting on webpage.

Blog and Facebook

  • My role : Managing blog site
  • Worked on writing stories that relates with newly events.
  • Check the number of visitors and analyze the keyword that bring more views.

Onsite promo

  • My role : Project manager
  • Promoting “MAKE YOU YOUNG” brand that was sold in Gee-Shop store.
  • “MAKE YOU YOUNG” brand poster.
  • Implementing the contents of health that came from various pendants with different stones in them.
  • My role : Project manager
  • Promoting “Gee-Shop” brand for Valentine's Day event.
  • “Gee-Shop” brand flyer and social ad.
  • Applied pink and red colors to highlight the loving and warm feelings so that customers can acknowledge the event.
  • My role : Project manager
  • Featuring “Gee-Shop” brand for Pu'er Tea.
  • Worked on manual design for Pu'er Tea.
  • Applied green color to highlight the nature and healthy feelings so that customers can acknowledge the product.
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