This project was to help smokers to smoke without bothering other people who didn't appreciate smell and unhealthiness.


Smoke Up is a mobile app for smokers who want to smoke freely without distressing others, and buy reasonably-priced tobacco products.


Market research
Package design
UX&UI design
Advertisement design




Most smoking-related apps are designed to manage your smoking for the sake of health.

They do not consider smokers to feel good about themselves and their tobacco use.

Smokers feel hindered, judged, and uncomfortable when smoking on the street around others.

The price of cigarettes keeps increasing.

Smoking rates in the US

- Smoking rates are decreasing gradually over time. Many people are quitting and avoiding smoking for health concerns

How to control your smoking

How cigarette affects your body

Business goal

Provide ways to smoke publicly without incurring the distress or anger of others.Direct smokers to nearby shops that sell cigarettes at the lowest available price.


Despite health concerns, it’s rarely brought up that nicotine is a stress-reducer.People’s reactions to secondhand smoke (whether justified or not) are extreme.In the US, it is prohibited to promote cigarettes through many different media.

Product goal

Show the most accessible, convenient, and lowest-price tobacco vendors for a smoker’s particular brand while gathering data on brand preferences.


Target audience

Sandra Smoke

“ I don't want to spend a lot of money when I buy cigarette and bother someone when I smoke. I hope there's a place I can buy cheap and smoke comfortably.”


  • 30~35 age
  • Live in a downtown
  • Smokes 1pack a day
  • Have some money issues
  • Don't like to be bothered when taking a rest


I feel uncomfortable smoking around people — especially children — on the street
The price of cigarettes keeps getting higher over time
I smoke for pleasure, regardless of health concerns
The price of products differs with every shop

Assumption 01

Smokers will quit smoking as the price of cigarettes rise higher and higher

Assumption 02

Smokers are aware of surroundings when smoking on a public street

Learning 01

They still going to smoke regardless of high price of cigarette

Learning 02

They have concerns about second hand smoking for others

Assumption 03

The price of cigarette is not a big issue for smokers because they will still smoke

Assumption 04

The health is not the main concern for smokers

Learning 03

Smokers are aware of rising price. However, they will purchase cheap ones if they have an opportunity

Learning 04

They care about their health but, the pleasure and relief are more important



Shows locations where smokers can smoke freely
Locates shops that sell the cheapest cigarettes
Shows crowd data so smokers can avoid highly-populated areas
Provides discounts on tobacco products

package box

QR code on box connects directly to app
Personal quotes can be featured on the box design


Scenario map 01

Gregg is at international airport in Korea to fly back to the USA. Before check-in, he opens the app to see the nearest location of a smoking area. After arrival to the USA, he opens the app in American version to find the smoking spot.

Scenario map 02

Elizabeth is trying to buy cigarettes from a store that sells the cheapest one. She opens the app to check various retailers. As she searches for a store, the app shows the amount of nicotine and tar regarding the cigarette’s brand.


Brand identity

Identity Idea Sketches

C:5 / M:82 / Y:100 / K:1,  R:226 / G:84 / B:37,  #E25425
C:100 / M:75 / Y:0 / K:0,  R:0 / G:84 / B:166,  #0054A6

App design

Final thoughts

As a smoker (but not a heavy one), I realized the price of cigarettes varies by retail location. Although it is illegal to promote smoking, I thought it would be nice to give some informal information to smokers. If smokers can find a spot where they won't bother non-smokers, they will have comfortable surroundings. While proceeding with the project, many smokers were eager to buy cheap cigarettes rather than their favorite brand. It was interesting to learn that smokers care about non-smokers and are concerned with harming them with secondhand smoke.

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